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Parent-Teacher Conference, the Aftermath

A considerable number of international schools hold Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) in March/April and October/November. It is an important meeting where parents can get feedback on their children’s academic performances, social interactions, and others. Have you received comments such as the ones below from the school? The School of Life –

Making Learning Enjoyable – Summer Intensive Program Group Classes

The Tree Group’s “Active Learning Center” just began our annual Summer Intensive Program. In the Summer Intensive Program, there is a special addition that the regular semester curriculum does not have – group classes. In a group of 2 or 3, students are encouraged to acquire knowledge in an enjoyable

“Learning Disabilities” from the Perspective of Language Acquisition

According to many academic studies, learning disorders in young children can be expressed in various forms. It is said that in the learning situation where visual and auditory skills are used, one might wonder if a child is suffering from a learning disability. Children who have difficulty with visual processing

Special Lecture on “Bilingual Children” by Dr. Cho

On the last Friday evening of February at the “Active Learning Center,” Dr. Cho Yong-beom, the head of Dutree Group, gave a special lecture on “Brilliant Children.” It’s time to explore in depth what challenges bilingual children can face learning, psychological, emotional and social, how to overcome, and what benefits

“Explore the Universe” through Seeing and Touching!

Individualized Active Learning Science Program The Active Learning Center is about to launch a space-science curriculum, called “Explore the Universe“! The “Explore the Universe” curriculum is uniquely designed by our Active Learning Program to not only educate children with scientific knowledge from textbooks but also provide them with insights that

Working Memory Training Case Study

We would like to introduce a successful case of a child who has been a long-term participant of the “Working Memory Training, WMT” program offered at the Tree Group’s Active Learning Center. Based on the child’s Comprehensive Psychological-Educational Evaluation, showing that her linguistic and working memory scales were low, we

Visual Expression Group

“The Active Learners’ artistic pieces using their Visuo-perceptual Imagination are beautifully displayed after our Active Learning Summer Camp!“