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School of Life – Spring Term Registration

Spring Term: 03.14 (Tue)

We are excited to start the Spring Term,
during which the individualized psycho-educational strategies
will help many children to overcome their difficulties
and start learning with a great joy
the Tree Group ㅣActive Learning Center Specialists

The Tree Group’s Active Learning Program will mark the Spring Term on 14th March, during which the children with language development, English acquisition problems, and emotional behavior problems can welcome the upcoming season with excitement.


The ultimate goal of Active Learning Program is to analyze children’s difficulties in depth through the comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation and develop the detailed psycho-educational strategies, allowing them to discover and acquire ways to learn by modifying their behavioral problems.


School of Life: Here’s a story of a child participating in our Active Learning Program.


“Child A, who is attending an English-speaking school, was unable to concentrate on class without confidence. As a result of the evaluation of bilingual comprehensive psycholo-educational evaluation, it was found that despite his excellent intellectual skills, it was difficult to understand the contents of school classes due to poor early English development.


The Tree Group’s Active Learning Program, we observed, applied, and helped Child A to acquire the individualized psycholo-educational strategies. As a result, my child started understanding lessons at school and shared what he enjoyed learning with his parents.”


School of Life is an opportunity to change children’s lives and futures.


If you want to register for the spring semester or have any questions, please contact us and we will kindly guide you.


Spring semester period: 2023.03.14 (Tue) to 2023.06.10 (Sat) [13 weeks]


More information about the active learning program can be found on the website below.


– School of Life – Active Learning Center Link

– Active Learning Program Link

– Active Learning Center Latest Updates


The Tree Group/Active Learning Center 02-557-8823


I Can Spell without Making Mistakes

“Students who experienced academic struggles due to unclear acquisition of alphabets when first learning English as their first or second language joined the psycho-educational programs at our School of Life – Active Learning Center.”

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