A considerable number of international schools hold Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) in March/April and October/November. It is an important meeting where parents can get feedback on their children’s academic performances, social interactions, and others. Have you received comments such as the ones below from the school?

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  • He/She finds it difficult to concentrate when studying.
  • He/she has trouble understanding basic instructions.
  • He/She has difficulty with reading comprehension.
  • He/She refuses to follow directions repeatedly and/or intentionally.
  • He/She displays signs of emotional and/or behavioral problems.
  • He/She shows poor academic performances despite seemingly studying hard.

The School of Life – Active Learning Program is for students attending international schools in Korea or abroad, as well as boarding schools or any other English-speaking schools, who currently experience difficulties in their academic endeavors. The program is most effective for students who are constantly getting negative feedback from their school because of their lack of good learning habits and motivation, as well as for parents who are struggling because of their children’s lower performance in school. The program is also suited for students whose lack of learning strategies causes them to underachieve despite their efforts.

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The Tree Group’s School of Life Program

For further information, please contact us at 02) 557-8823 or info@thetreeg.com.

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