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2020 Winter Intensive Program

"What is the Active Learning Intensive Winter Camp about?"
"What is the Active Learning Intensive Winter Camp about?"
By 전승혜 Seonghae Jeon, M.P.A.

Introducing School of Life- Active Learning Winter Intensive Program!


Program Date: 12.15.2020 (Tues) ~ 01.09.2021 (Sat)


(4 weeks long)


*Depending on the school’s or student’s schedule, the participating dates will differ. If you have any questions regarding the duration of the program, please contact the Tree Group directly.


What is the Active Learning Intensive Winter Camp about?


I. Psychological Academic Behavior Modification


Modify various learning behaviors that stymie effective acquisition of
academic materials through psychological interventions


Ex) Improve basic academic habits — Improve “Accepting My Limit” behaviors;
Increase non-disruptive behaviors — Improve organizational skills;
Improve classroom behaviors — Improve attention/concentration behaviors; etc.


II. Academic Learning Strategies


Develop individual academic learning strategies to facilitate the acquisition of materials foundational to a bilingual student’s cognition and academic abilities such as vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, scientific thinking, and mathematics


– Optimal Language Acquisition

 Ex) Through various strategies like etymological analysis and visualization, the student understands the meaning and the nuance of the words accurately.


– Reading, Make Sense!

Ex) The student learns to combine the reading and their pre-existing knowledge to perform critical reading, enhancing their confidence, motivation, and interest towards reading.


– ‘Cognitive’ Science and Math 

Ex) The student learns to re-strategize to acquire complex cognitive skills required for math and scientific thinking in a way that fits their unique cognitive abilities.


III. True Knowledge Building


Have the student experience a true knowledge building by helping them to
critically think and communicate their acquired knowledge


– SOUL’ Writing

Ex) The student attains not only the techniques of writing but also enriches their thoughts and emotional sensitivity through writing.


– Deep Thinkers, Humanities
Ex) The student garners skills to approach historical and cultural materials critically.


– ‘Loud & Clear’ Presentation
Ex) The student learns to confidently and creatively communicate their points of views during presentations and debates.


How can my child partake in the Active Learning Intensive Winter Camp?


 If you are interested, please fill out the registration form attached this brochure and send it back to us by email (, Microsoft Teams, or Skype.


Registration deadline & Tuition deadline:  12.08.2020 (Tues)

Contact Us: +82-2-557-8823



School of Life – Spring Term Registration

Spring Term: 03.14 (Tue)

We are excited to start the Spring Term,
during which the individualized psycho-educational strategies
will help many children to overcome their difficulties
and start learning with a great joy

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