Psycho-Educational Treatment ProgramㅣStructure


In 1896, Dr. Witmer from the University of Pennsylvania became the pioneer to apply psychological knowledge to clinical and educational settings.

He did not turn his blind eye to children’s delayed academic progress and language development and began providing treatment based on psychological research and knowledge.

This is the root of our Psycho-educational Program.

What is Psycho-Educational Treatment?

Our psycho-educational treatment program was launched in accordance with the mind of Dr. Witmer, a pioneering American psychologist from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1896, Dr. Witmer promoted learning and language acquisition through psychological treatment strategies for students who had not seen any progress in learning and language development.


Since 2003, we first started providing a psycho-educational evaluation and clinical treatment for delay in the English language acquisition. We have observed many children unable to acquire neither Korean nor English language, which led to delay in academic progress and low grades, intensified conflict with their parents and created serious emotional behavioral problems.


In particular, if students fail to transfer from the Korean language to the English language and consequently struggle with acquiring learning at their school age level, they become more prone to suffering from various emotional behavioral problems. Consequently, their parents and teachers are affected by such secondary symptoms. These children are more likely to be 2 to 3 years behind their peers in terms of academics and language development even before joining our program and to have complex emotional behavioral disorders. Our psycho-educational treatment program is designed to promote language development and academic progress through applying behavior modification approaches, analyzing based on psychological expertise the factors that delay language acquisition and learning, and developing specialized treatment strategies.


Our program aims to help all children and adolescents from kindergarten to 12th grade. Prior to proceeding with the program, we evaluate their cognitive, emotional, behavioral, academic, and neuropsychological capacity with a psycho-educational assessment. Based on the assessment data, we develop clinically based learning strategies. We then apply these individualized strategies to the children’s clinical and psycho-educational sessions to help them achieve their specific treatment goals, constantly monitor their progress and adjust our approaches, if needed.   


The entire program is carried out based on Individualized Psycho-Educational Plan (IPEP) and the treatment strategies that are proven to be the most effective are shared with their parents and, if necessary, school professionals so these strategies can be generalized to non-clinical, educational and home settings.


For the Active Learning psycho-educational program to be most effective, it is important that parents understand the program’s mission and discipline their children according to their treatment goals. On this foundation where parents and school professionals build a close collaborative relationship, sharing the same goal to help the children, they eventually start to experience language development and academic progress.

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