Emotional Difficulties and Learning

Depression and anxiety facilitate an unbreakable trail of thoughts.

Trauma-related dissociation makes it almost impossible to focus.

Without knowing the causes of emotional disorders,

working in school or at the workplace can be problematic.

This is why professional psychotherapy and psycho-educational programs are required.

Children or adolescents with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other family or peer related problems often display poor academic performance. If a child who showed average academic performance starts to display academic problems, this may be the sign of mild to severe emotional problems. Boys tend to show overt problem behaviors, while girls are more prone to depression, anxiety, and avoidant behaviors which often leads to difficulties in academic performance.


In a psycho-educational treatment program, such academic difficulties are targeted with an evidence-based psychotherapy treatment and family sessions. Especially, traumatic symptoms can lead to great difficulties in concentrating on studying and thus, early intervention of such emotional problems is extremely important and necessary.


In the Active Learning psycho-educational program, a child’s emotional symptoms are consistently monitored and explored in clinical treatment sessions. During these sessions, the child is encouraged to find solutions to the problem and reach his/or her goals concerning language development and academic goals simultaneously.

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