IPEP Individualized Psycho-educational Plan and Strategy

IPEP Individualized Psycho-educational Plan

It is an essential document for a scientific and structured treatment program.

Our psycho-educational program is the essence of the Active Learning Program, developing treatment goals and strategies for language development and academic progress based on the scientific data of the Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation.

The IPEP Individualized Psycho-educational Plan is indispensable for our psycho-educational treatment program. The IPEP sets clinical, learning goals and treatment strategies according to the scientific procedures. This allows clinicians and children to proceed with treatment systematically. 


Unlike most educational settings with group-based classes and curriculum, our individualized psycho-educational program is structured to treat one specific child’s impaired functions through psychological treatment strategies. This is achieved by identifying factors that contribute to delays in language acquisition, cognitive, intellectual, emotional, behavioral, social, and/or neurological problems based on the Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation.  


This systematic program is built upon scientific assessment data which leads to setting treatment goals for different areas and initial treatment strategies. Also, individual curriculum and plans are established for language acquisition and academic progress. The final product of the process of creating this thorough scientific system for each child is the IPEP, Individual Psycho-Educational Plan.  


The establishment of an IPEP must be taken before proceeding with the psycho-educational program and Dr. Cho and his team dedicate their time, effort and creative expertise in building a detailed treatment plan. Also, for the program to run as planned, parents’ thorough understanding of and agreement with the IPEP and treatment goals is necessary.  


The IPEP must be updated periodically; in our psycho-educational program, we revise the plan and  set the new treatment goals and strategies every three months, re-conduct the Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation at least once every two years to check the treatment progress and make a scientifically valid IPEP revision. Parents will then have a full understanding of the treatment goals to achieve in accordance with the updated IPEP and become an essential part of the treatment team.  


The structure and fundamental elements of an IPEP are as follow: 

Individualized Psycho-Educational Plan

Basic Information

Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation and Feedback

Assessment on the key functional areas
- Cognitive and intellectual abilities
- Verbal and non-verbal abilities
- Academic achievement (for English-speaking only)
- Emotional and behavioral functionality
- Neuropsychological functionality
- Socio-development skills
- Etc.

Treatment Goals and Strategies

Treatment Goals and Strategies Clinical and Psycho-educational treatment areas
- Clinical areas include the areas of emotional/behavioral/developmental/cognitive/social/family functioning.

- Step-by-step establishment of clinical goals and development of clinical strategies for each treatment category - Record progress and update quarterly goals

Treatment Curriculum and Plan

Clinical & Psychoeducational treatment areas
- Treatment curriculum and plan in all areas of eemotional/behavioral/developmental/cognitive/social/family functioning.

- -Language acquisition and learning-related curriculum and plan

Parent/guardian consent with the clinical goals

Clinical area

- Understanding and consenting to clinical treatment objectives for the planned period

Psycho-educational treatment areas

- Understanding and consenting to psycho-educational treatment objectives for the planned period

Final Feedback and Summary

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