Treatment Phase 1

Treatment Phase 1

Phase 1 (1-2 months): Initial Research for Individual Psycho-educational Plan and System Establishment

Upon completion of the registration in the Active Learning program, clinicians analyze the data from the Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation results to set initial clinical and psycho-educational treatment goals and write detailed initial treatment plans. 


During the course of this phase, Dr. Cho and his team set the top priority clinical treatment goals and initial psycho-educational goals to help improve the child’s language and learning development. They then develop psychological module and individually tailored psycho-educational strategies to achieve the goals.  


These initial treatment goals and treatment strategies are written in an Individualized Psycho-educational Plan, called IPEP, by the child’s primary clinicians. The treatment team then sets the treatment procedures and guidelines and starts conducting structured sessions. 


In order to objectively observe the child’s cognitive and behavioral progress development, the treatment team takes the behavioral modification approach in all sessions with the Behavior Charts. The Behavior Charts are composed of the Clinical Chart and Psycho-educational Chart and used to reinforce the positive behaviors incorporated into the initial clinical goals.   


Once the child becomes used to the Behavior Chart system, the Home Chart is provided to the parents to target the child’s primary clinical goals.  

Initial Planning for Individualized Psycho-educational Plan and Development of an IPEP, Individualized Psycho-educational Plan

TP Treatment Plan

TP Treatment Plan

- Analysis on the data from Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation results

- Set clinical and psycho-educational treatment goals and create the initial Treatment Plans

- Select the initial treatment strategies to achieve the clinical treatment goals

IPEP System


- Select the initial treatment strategies to achieve the psycho-educational goals
- Develop and establish an individualized clinical and psycho-educational curriculum
- Develop and establish quarterly clinical and psycho-educational treatment plans
- Set each clinician’s role and treatment procedures
- Completion of IPEP, Individualized Psycho-Educational Plan

Applying the initial clinical and psycho-educational strategies to the very first session

Behavior Chart

- Begin clinical and psycho-educational sessions in a structured manner

- Develop and apply Clinical and Psycho-educational Charts to reinforce the treatment target behaviors

- Develop and deliver Home Charts for the child to achieve the treatment goals at home
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