Treatment Phase 0

Treatment Phase 0

Phase Zero (1-4 weeks): Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation, Feedback, and Program Selection

Phase Zero is the preliminary stage where an individualized psycho-educational program is prepared. After completing the Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation, the clinician delivers the evaluation results and feedback to the parents and school professionals.   


If the evaluation results reveal that the child’s cognitive ability, language development, emotional and behavioral development, and/or social skills are two or more year behind his peers, then he is recommended to participate in our psycho-educational program. 


If the child has delays in academic and language development particularly, followed by emotional behavioral problems, then he is recommended to partake in our program for about two years, during which the Stream After-School Program and Summer/Winter Intensive Programs are run throughout spring and fall semesters and summer and winter breaks, respectively.  


However, if the child shows extensive delays in most functional and developmental areas, including cognitive ability and language development, then he is strongly recommended to enroll in the Bridge School of Life Program. It is a full-day, treatment program where a child temporarily stops attending school, focuses on clinical treatment and individualized psycho-educational treatment for development in his delayed areas, and returns to school at a higher grade level. 


Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation

Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation

Clinician's feedback

- Clinician’s feedback provided to parents, guardians, and if necessary, school professionals

- Clinician’s feedback on the child’s compatibility with the Active Learning psycho-educational program and recommendations

Parents or guardians select in which program to participate

- Bridge School of Life Program: if extensive delays are found in all areas, including cognitive ability and language and academic development

- Stream After-School Program & Summer/Winter Intensive Program: if partial delays are found in areas, including cognitive ability and language and academic development, which accompany emotional behavioral problems.
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