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DBT Half-smile

Relax the face muscles and raise our lips to make a half-smile
Embracing happiness with the GLAD Technique
By 이승하 Seungha Lee, MSc

In the previous DBT skills training group, we practiced the Opposite Action skill through the half-smile mindfulness to experience one of the emotion regulation skills.  


For a minute or two, we imagined as if the events that made us angry or upset during the past week were happening at the very moment. We observed our thoughts and emotions, and any sensations that we noticed on our face and body. 


We then continued to imagine the situation that made us angry or upset with our hands put on our thighs facing upwards. We relaxed our facial muscles and slightly raised our lips making a half-smile. Again, for a minute or two, we observed our thoughts and feelings that occurred as well as any sensations on our face and body.  


One of the participants mentioned that she was still quite angry but at the same time experienced herself taking a step back from the situation, another participant observed that a small half-smile could reduce a significant amount of negative emotions as it is the exact opposite of what we usually do when we are upset.  


What were some of your observations during this mindfulness practice? Join the mindful journey of half-smile.


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