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2017 “Today’s Mindfulness Cards” was created.

2017 "Today's Mindfulness Cards" was created.
“50 Mindfulness skills to collect our minds
Today’s Mindfulness
Start our day with Mindfulness cards”

<Today’s Mindfulness> Anyone, anytime, anywhere


<Today’s Mindfulness> was created for anyone to enjoy mindfulness in daily life. It aims to free ourselves from worries and endless thoughts by focusing on the simple cards to be mindful with anyone, at anytime and anywhere, unlike difficult religious books or lectures. 


We often see that Western individuals who are more familiar with scientific approach to mindfulness get deeper enlightenment. Enlightenment comes from a moment, not always from a zen meditation.


Korean people who have experienced meditation or Buddhism or Christians who have unresolved difficulties in their minds will experience mindfulness and peacefulness with the use of “Today’s Mindfulness” cards.  


12th Fl. 90 Beobwon-ro Songpa-gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea



TUE – FRI : 10:00 AM-7:00 PM KST
SAT : 9:00 AM-6:00 PM KST
MON: Closed


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