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DBT The “DEAR DOG” Inter-species Effectiveness Skill

Connecting at a more meaningful level with the "DEAR DOG" skill
Connecting at a more meaningful level with the "DEAR DOG" skill
By 이승하 Seungha Lee, MSc

Dear all creatures of the world and our DBT friends and family,  


With the assistance of microscopic entity, we are facing the new epic era of human contact- the exchange of our souls and dealing with our difficulties online. In reviewing the DEAR MAN skill in a DBT online group session, we found out that one of our young adult clients had been stuck at home alone with her dog for nearly 4 weeks. Her only contact was her own dog, ‘co-co’. We asked her to apply the DEAR MAN skill with her dog; she did it with co-co and it was  an amazing extension of the DEAR MAN skill to other creatures. 


We named it “DEAR DOG, Inter-Species Effectiveness Skill.” We hope this humorous skill set brightens the mood of all DBT clinicians and clients around the world.


Thanks to Dr. Linehan for this wonderful skill. Cheers to all!   


The “DEAR DOG” skill is an inter-species effectiveness skill that can help us connect with our furry friends at a more meaningful level.


Doodle: Your dog’s ultimate goal is always to have fun with you. Don’t forget that problem behaviors arise when this goal is not met!


Observe: Does my dog need more nose work activities? Is my dog feeling uncomfortable? Always observe mindfully.


(be) Gentle: No aggression, threats, criticism, or mockery. Always keep a gentle attitude even when you dog makes trouble.


아동 청소년 자살행동의 변화 양상: 인종 차이와 위험 요인에 대한 연구

양미린ㅣMirin Yang, MA

어린 아동과 소수민족의 자살행동에 대한 연구를 통해 더 많은 정책과 지원, 그리고 보호체계가 만들어질 수 있고, 이를 연구하는 연구자들 역시 증가하게 될 것입니다. 우리 사회에서 소수자로서 살아가고 있는 이들에 대한 진정한 관심과 협력이 더욱 증진되기를 바랍니다.

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