Impulsiveness, Aggression and Substance Abuse Disorder

Clients who are struggling with emotional dysregulation disorder are suffering from extreme sensitivity and reactivity to emotional cues, difficulties going back to baseline emotional state, not easy to divert their attention from emotional triggers and impulsive behaviors triggered by extreme emotions 

Regretful impulsive speech and behaviors

DBT can help you express your true thoughts, feelings and
react to others mindfully and gracefully

How can I be a person
who could deliver my sincere thoughts and feelings
without emotionally driven impulse?

DBT can be an answer

Extremely negative/distorted thoughts and failure to process internal or external information often become a problem for people who are emotionally dysregulated, making it difficult to achieve their goals and leaving them to be in the state of dissociation and act on their impulsive or self-destructive urges. 

When individuals are emotionally aroused, they may show interest only on mood-dependent goals, however, they have difficulties organizing and coordinating activities to achieve non-mood-dependent goals. They often experience the emotionally frozen or being dissociated under highly stressful situations.  They may also try to control their emotion excessively or to suppress their emotion, which lead to pervasive negative affect, low positive affect, and difficulties communicating effectively with others. When they fail to regulate their emotions and experience excessive emotional pain and suffering, it may result in impulsive or self-destructive behaviors to reduce those emotional difficulties. 


DBT helps clients to learn emotional regulation skills and mindfulness skills to deal with impulse behaviors and substance use issues and to apply distress tolerance skills when they are in emotional crisis.  

The following are the typical impulsive and substance abuse issues: 


– alcohol and substance use 

– gambling 

– unsafe sexual practice 

– drunken driving and speeding 

– shop lifting or stealing 

– impulsive shopping or over-spending 

Please contact us if you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms above.