Moodiness & Depressive Disorders

It is natural for sadness to develop in response to stressful situations and it usually passes with time. However, when a natural and temporary period of sadness persists, this could be a sign of depression. It is estimated that approximately 18 million American adults ages 18 and over suffer from a depressive illness. Having depression is not the same as being sad and it is advised to visit a professional if feelings of sadness and/or loss of interest in activities persist for more than two weeks. 


Sadness is a natural part of our emotional repertoire
that makes us investigate our inner selves.

Persistent feelings of sadness, however,
often set in motion a downward spiral of depression

Depressive disorders due to emotion dysregulation occurs before and after an interpersonal conflict and are often comorbid with eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders. Therefore, it is important to go through an accurate diagnosis and begin clinical treatment to reduce symptoms of depression.  

The following are major symptoms of depression: 


– Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and discouragement 


– Significant weight loss or gain unrelated to dieting 


– Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much 


– Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed 


– Thoughts of death or suicide 


Please contact us if you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms above.