DBT Consultation for Parents & Guardians

Independent professional consultation for a child with
emotion regulation and impulsive behavior related difficulties

Treatment consultation for complex situations that require confidentiality

Consultation for parents and guardians who need a formal second professional opinion

Some parents, spouses, and guardians have appealed that specific skills are needed for their dependent’s emotion regulation and impulsive behavior related problems. The Walking the Middle Path Skills module in DBT for Adolescents has been developed for this reason. The module contains not only skills related to dialectics and acceptance but also those based on behavior modification theory such as reinforcement, behavior shaping, extinction, and contingencies.


Many parents and guardians have reported that their parenting style is often inconsistent, they use extreme measures to parent their dependents who experience emotion regulation, and experience great difficulties when trying to apply parenting skills. The DBT Center of Korea provides DBT consultation for parents and guardians who have difficulties with such problems. They learn DBT skills such as those in the mindfulness and distress tolerance module and they practice applying a consistent and effective parenting style. 


The DBT Center of Korea particularly focuses on providing the best treatment environment where confidentiality is guaranteed. For those parents and guardians who need DBT consultation, the center provides a consultation that covers the understanding of the dependent’s self-destructive behaviors, difficulties in seeking consistent psychological treatment, and a future treatment plan. 


If the child or dependent has difficulties understanding their symptoms and does not actively participate in the treatment process, they may refuse to seek psychological treatment. Consequently, their parents or guardians may experience difficulties with regulating their own emotions and feel helpless and depressed. The DBT team delivers detailed professional consultation for those parents or guardians to find the best treatment options available. 

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