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2004 The Tree Group Expansion and Relocation

The Tree Group's Center for International Psychological Services was expanded and relocated to Daechi-dong in Korea.

International organisations and international schools provided support.
"With the support from international organizations and schools,
children and young adults who have language development delays, second language acquisition difficulties,
and emotional-behavioral difficulties were given new opportunities."

In 2004, the Tree Group’s Center for International Psychological Services was expanded and relocated to Daechi-dong in Korea. With the support from international schools and organizations, the clinic started helping children and young adults with language delays and behavioral difficulties for learning.


The Tree Group provided accurate diagnosis and scientifically rigorous clinical treatments for children and their families who were suffering from emotional, behavioral, psycho-educational difficulties due to having multi-cultural backgrounds. 


There are a lot of children who could not progress academically due to language transfer difficulties, even after coming back to Korea from abroad for a year. Their difficulties were not improved by having classes at school or private tutoring centers. Instead, the children lost confidence, struggled to adapt to new schools, and emotional-behavioral symptoms exacerbated. 


Schools did everything they could to support the children. However, it is not easy to support children who have difficulties in a classroom with typically developing children and many teachers were disheartened. International schools realized the need for professionals in clinical psychology.


Our Center for International Psychological Services identify the causal factors of various symptoms as well as specific difficulties in language acquisition. Many children successfully transferred to schools after completing our individualized psycho-educational programs, which could not have been done without families’ and schools’ support. 


Center for International Psychological ServicesㅣPhilosophy

“For the past decades, I have encountered people who experienced suffering.

Children and teenagers, women, and men, the rich and the poor, the young and the aged, blue-collared and white-collared, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims….

They taught me one very precious lesson; that is, as human beings, everyone suffers from their own limitations and that I am not an exception.

This lesson has become the foundation of the Tree Group’s psychological services,

and we believe that it is our calling to help people relieved from their pain and suffering with advanced psychological knowledge and treatment.”

Yong Cho, Ph.D.ㅣChief Psychologist, the Tree Group​

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