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2008 Lectures about bilingual Korean students organised by Embassy of the United States in Seoul

Lecture offers help for Korean kids overseas – JoongAng Daily by Moon Published July 23, 2008
"The United States Embassy hosted lectures
to give advice on the issue of children's mental health from studying overseas."

JoongAng Daily by Moon Published July 23, 2008

The United States Embassy invited a U.S. licensed psychologist, Dr. Cho to give lectures on the issue of how moving abroad affects children’s mental health. Many school professionals and parents are growing their interests in children’s language development, learning behavior and mental health, especially with an increase in the number of families who move abroad for various reasons.


In the lecture, Dr. Cho explained that children who move abroad and start living in new cultures can have developmental difficulties and language delays. He further elaborated on how the parents should give guidance for their children with those difficulties. 

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2020 Chuseok Break

The unprecedentedly long raining season finally came to an end, and it has already been a month since fall officially started.

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