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Feeling depressed is not who I am

"I found my true self."
"I found my true self."

CBT, DBT Client

I thought I was going to stay this way. A depressed, hopeless, lazy and useless person. That was why I felt more downhearted. I could not believe this was who I was. How am I going to live another 80 years of my life feeling so helpless? I wanted to rather die. 


‘Whatever, this is who I am, therapy isn’t going to help me.’ I thought. I was annoyed and had doubts. 


Somehow, I started the treatment. Although I felt lazy to attend DBT Class and individual therapy sessions with my therapist, gradually I started having hope in getting better. I learned to believe that feeling depressed is not who I am, and I found my true self by working hard during the sessions. I am able to accept and validate undesirable characteristics of myself as well. 


I know that this is not the end of my journey, so I am going to continue working harder. I would like to continue applying the skills I learned at the Tree Group to my life and to learn the accepting attitudes demonstrated by the kindhearted clinicians.  


The Tree Group was the biggest fortune in my life. Thank you.  

* We appreciate our clients for their honest and sincere testimonials. 

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