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Remote Administration of the Comprehensive Psychological/Psycho-educational Evaluation

The International Psychological Services center of the Tree Group has been providing treatment services online; however, the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation has been provided offline only as various assessment tools are needed to carry out the evaluation. Nevertheless, in times when travel is restricted and social distancing is necessary, the Tree Group has become more aware of those who need comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation from abroad. Therefore, the Tree Group has decided to provide remote administration of the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation by following the protocols updated by Pearson regarding Tele-practice of psychological and educational evaluations.

Where will the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation take place?

The clinic has been providing years of online services to those in both Korea and abroad using diverse online platforms. Recently, due to the global pandemic, theTreeGroup has created and actively utilized a virtual office on Teams to provide better services online. The comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation will also be held on Teams to those who might find it difficult to visit our clinic in person.

How is the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation arranged?

The clinic receives all referrals and contacts from international schools and parents. The school can make the initial contact; however, we then encourage the parents to call us for further information. During the first few contacts, an intake interview along with a comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation can be arranged to create a good diagnostic picture of the child or/and to make an effective treatment plan. The results of the intake interview and the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation can also be shared with the school under the parent’s consent.

What is involved in the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation?

The clinic uses various scientifically proven assessments to understand a child’s cognitive and academic abilities as well as the child’s behavioural and psychological issues. Below are several of the assessments included in the evaluation.

The content of the assessment varies slightly depending on the age of the child. The clinic also uses the Korean version of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition to those who are bilingual. The inclusion of both the English and Korean versions of the assessment is to have a better understanding of the child’s language development and state.

How is the remote administration of the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation different to that provided in person?

The parents will be more actively involved in the evaluation as there are subtests within the WISC-V that requires timing and handling of response booklets. Prior to the evaluation, the parents will be provided with guidance on how to support their child during the evaluation. The WISC-V Block Design subtest which is used to measure a child’s visual-spatial coordination abilities will be excluded from the evaluation as a professional is needed to guide the child in using the evaluation tool. The performance results from the Visual Puzzles subtest will be substituted in calculating the scores. More information regarding the tele-practice of WISC-V can be found in the link below provided by Pearson.

For further information or/and arrangement of the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation please contact us at (+82)2-557-8823 or send us an email to

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