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Hello, this is the Tree Group.

We are reminded these days of the comfort and freedom of enjoying outdoor activities on a warm spring day. We are all working together to make the best effort we can to restore our daily lives that we have forgotten to be grateful for. With the encouragement and support of one another, the Tree Group is putting safety as the top priority with the hopes that this difficulty will pass soon. Over the next two to three weeks or more of voluntary isolation and social distancing to limit the spread of the virus, we believe that it is rational and ethical for us to provide only online based treatment services until this virus situation is over.

Since 2003, the Tree Group has provided video conferencing-based psychotherapy and psycho-educational services to clients and schools all around the world. Over the past 17 years, many clients and their children have achieved significant therapeutic outcomes through online-based treatments. In fact, online services are considered to be more effective when the client lives abroad, has difficulties coming to our facility for various reasons, or needs to learn and apply the effective parenting skills at home.

Although our offline-based clients may at first experience some difficulties in transferring to the new online system, we are hoping that the adjusting process will not be toilsome. Please contact us if you wish to start psychotherapy services and/or psycho-educational services with us, and we will provide you with more detailed information. 

As we are aware that many people around the world are suffering from this unprecedented situation, we will open the door wider to those who are in need of our services. 

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you online! 

the Tree Group.

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