DBT Learning Community: Preparation for DBT Intensive Training provided by Behavioral Tech

This learning community is a team-based guided self-study program that focuses on preparing for the DBT Intensive Training.

It includes 20 guided discussions on a weekly basis.

The pre-sessions will be based on a thorough DBT learning curriculum including team-based study, presentation, seminar, case conference, and other related activities for participants of the DBT Intensive Training.

DBT Learning Community:
Preperation for Comprehensive DBT Training

The DBT Learning Community curriculum is provided by Behavioral Tech on behalf of participants of the DBT Intensive Training  scheduled for December 2023 in Korea.


The purpose of this learning community is to help participants acquire basic knowledge about DBT so that they can benefit from future DBT training that is focused on application of concepts and implementation of treatment interventions. The intended result is to create DBT consultation teams that will guide participants through the learning process and provide ongoing motivation and improvement of clinical work.


The curriculum-based guide identifies specific readings on the core foundations, structure, and strategies of DBT that form the basis for group discussion and practice.

DBT Learning Community Pre-session Curiculum

Length & Schedule:
20 guided discussions that we recommend completing on a weekly basis.

It will start in July for participants who complete the registration of DBT Intensive Training in Korea.


For Whom:
The learning community is intended to be a team-based guided self-study program for those considering a serious commitment to learning what is required to implement a comprehensive DBT program.

*All course materials will be posted on a designated Microsoft Teams private group, and team members will be able to participate in pre-session study groups, seminars, case conferences, team presentations, and other related activities.

20 Weeks DBT Learning Community Curriculum

  1. Overview of DBT, Evidence, and Dialectics (LC01)
  2. The DBT Consultation Team (LC03)
  3. The Underpinnings of DBT (LC38)
  4. Primary Targets of Treatment (LC39)
  5. Treatment targets: Who, What, When (LC40)
  6. Dialectical Treatment Strategies (LC15)
  7. Validation (LC17)
  8. Problem-solving (LC19)
  9. Behavioral Assessment (LC21)
  10. Orientation & Commitment (LC22)
  11. Structuring Skills Training (LC41)
  12. Core Mindfulness Skills (LC27)
  13. Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills Overview (LC42)
  14. Emotion Regulation Skills (LC30)
  15. Distress Tolerance Skills (LC31)
  16. Exposure Procedures (LC32)
  17. Cognitive Modification (LC33)
  18. Contingency Management & Observing Limits (LC34)
  19. Stylistic Strategies (LC35)
  20. Case Management & Special Treatment Strategies (LC43)

DBT 교육원

올해는 한국에서 마샤 리네한 박사와 토니 두보즈 박사 팀과 함께 DBT 센터 한국본부가 설립된지 16년째가 되는 해입니다.

미국의 Behavioral Tech과 같은 독립적인 DBT 전문교육기관으로 DBT 교육원이 설립되었습니다!

DBT 감정조절 클래스 1-1 Feedback

저는 상담자로 일을 하면서 하나의 이론을 오랫동안 수련 받는 것에 대해 목말라하는 와중에 DBT 클래스를 알게되었습니다.  DBT 기술마다 클래스가 있는

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