the Tree GroupㅣCore Values

"How can we relieve human suffering?"

"For the past decades, I have encountered people who experienced suffering. Children and teenagers, women and men, the rich and the poor, the young and the aged, blue-collared and white-collared, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims.... They taught me one very precious lesson; that is, as human beings, everyone suffers from their own limitations and that I am not an exception. This lesson has become the foundation of the Tree Group’s psychological services, and we believe that it is our calling to help people reduce their pain and suffering with advanced psychological knowledge and treatment."

Dr. Cho, who is the founder of the Tree Group and a psychologist educated in the U.S. and completed his clinical training at the Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York, has long kept the question in mind: how can we relieve human suffering?

The Tree Group was established on the belief that all children and adults deserve to experience psychological happiness and serenity and that they can be relieved from agony and suffering through the modern psychological research combined with genuine dedication of clinicians.

Since 2003, from New York to Seoul, the Tree Group has kept this priceless value. Its clinicians provide clinical services based on advanced psychological and scientific knowledge while sincerely respecting all cultural and religious backgrounds.

From assisting those with mild to severe psychological difficulties and developmental issues to treating those who were once told untreatable and so, have given up. The Tree Group’s clinicians and professionals are resilient in dedicating themselves to help relieve human suffering.

With scientific rigor in one hand and deep compassion in another, the Tree Group is the place for those who need both hands.

“Scientific rigor on one hand; deep compassion on other hand”

The central mission of the Tree Group is to help relieve our clients from psychological pain and suffering. Founded in 2003, the clinic has provided psychological services to both Korean-speaking and English-speaking children, adolescents and adults with clinical treatments, psychological/psycho-educational evaluations, advice and education for professionals, as well as language development and delay in language transfer for bilinguals.


Also, we strive to contribute to the local community through translating and publishing major psycho-therapeutic and psychology-related books. Based on deep empathy towards human beings and through scientifically rigorous clinical treatments, we continue to help reduce our clients’ pain and suffering, so they may form bright futures as they wish.

Professional Ethics 

As an institution that works for people, we strictly abide by the professional ethics to protect human lives and human rights. It is our utmost priority to adhere to these ethics as we believe any services that affect human minds can, in any way, easily harm themSpecifically, we follow the ethical guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association(APA), which well-known for its strict ethical standards among alexpert ethical regulations. As such, we comply with the APA’s professional ethics on clinicians’ qualifications, education and training, accuracy and integrity of treatment plans, and maintenance of confidential information.


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