Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

About the Tree Group


As a clinical institution founded in 2003, the Tree Group has been providing psychological and psycho-educational services to both English and Korean-speaking children, adolescents, and adults. It is our core mission to help relieve our clients from psychological pain and suffering. 

Under the umbrella of the Tree Group, there are the Center for International Psychological Services, the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center of Korea, and the School of Life-Active Learning Center. 



Center for International Psychological Services IPS 

Our center provides specialized psychological and behavioral health services for people from the international community who are experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties. Its central goal is to alleviate the core symptoms within a specified time frame and to assist our clients with accomplishing their personal goals for happiness.  
The Center serves the community as a pioneering institution that provides evidence-based, diagnostic assessments in both English and Korean. International schools and boarding schools around the world highly noted our comprehensive bilingual assessments, and its diagnosis and feedback help the young clients and their parents better understand their own struggles as well as assist their teachers and counselors with developing an appropriate educational plan for them.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center of Korea  


DBT Center of Korea is the very first DBT center in Asia and pursues the highest professional standards for administering quality DBT services for our clients in Korea. DBT Center of Korea offers both individual and group skills training sessions following Standard DBT protocols as well as education programs for professionals in the fields of psychology and mental health.  

School of Life-Active Learning Center  


Active Learning Center was founded to help English and Korean speaking students who are suffering from complex disorders that are the combination of language and learning related disorders with emotional/behavioral/developmental disorders. It is also our expertise assisting Korean speaking students who are failing successful language transfer from Korean to English. Observing scientific clinical procedures, we are treating those students in need with a formal individualized psycho-educational plan. The primary modality of our services is behavioral modification treatment and the individually developed psycho-educational treatment  

We are eager to work with professionals who truly share our core values and mission and will consider applications for the following positions.



Positions & Qualifications 
Clinical Professionals 


Clinical professionals who have qualification and training to provide evidence-based psychotherapy (DBT, PE, CBT, BT).  

Requirements (minimum):  

  • Master’s degree in psychology or related field 
  • 2 or more years of supervised clinical experience * 
  • Basic administrative and office management skills 


Psycho-educational Professionals 


We accept applications for Active Learning Specialist positions to provide English and English/Korean bilingual psycho-educational services. Our service requires basic knowledge and experience in the areas of behavioral treatment and individual teaching. Supervision will be provided if required. 

Requirements (minimum):  

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, education, or related field 
  • Research and clinical experience 
  • Basic administrative and office management skills 

The following qualifications are required for all positions: 

  • Fluent and professional English language capacity 
  • Korean language skill for Korean speaking applicants 
  • Possess scores within top 3% in recent academic and English standardized tests, i.e. GRE, LSAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.    


How to Apply 
Please e-mail a cover letter and CV to recruit@thetreeg.com. Call +82-2-557-8823 for inquires. 


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