DBT Day Retreat

DBT Day Retreat is for the dedicated professionals who are helping the distressed patients and clients.
It is essential for the professionals to take a short retreat to re-center their mind with mindfulness and spiritual practice.

DBT Day Retreat

Dr. Marsha Linehan is a psychologist and at the same time, she is also a dedicated spiritual leader of Buddhism. Many DBT practitioners worldwide engage in mindfulness practices to re-center their mind  and help the distressed patients and clients. 

DBT KOREA provides a Day Retreat program for mental health professionals to reflect on themselves through mindfulness and meditation practices.

The daily lives that mental professionals encounter are not much different from those experienced by clients or patients, and it is an essential element in the DBT treatment process for therapists to effectively take care of various emotions and thoughts during the treatment process.

The Day Retreat provides a unique retreat for the professionals to meet and to practice together with truthful spiritual leaders in Korea.

DBT Day Retreat Program Registration

DBT 교육원

올해는 한국에서 마샤 리네한 박사와 토니 두보즈 박사 팀과 함께 DBT 센터 한국본부가 설립된지 16년째가 되는 해입니다.

미국의 Behavioral Tech과 같은 독립적인 DBT 전문교육기관으로 DBT 교육원이 설립되었습니다!

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