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2013 Visiting international schools in Shanghai, China

In January 2013, the Tree Group team visited international schools in Shanghai, China to discuss the grave reality of the students' mental health with teachers in international schools.
"Discussions on how to best support the students in international schools
who struggle to adjust to a new culture and language".

In January 2013, the clinician team of the Tree Group visited international schools in Shanghai, China. At the time, many Korean expatriates and their families moved to China. Due to the immigration, children had to adjust to English-speaking environments and the lifestyle in China, and such language and cultural barrier led to academic struggles. Consequently, the children relied more and more on private tutoring, which developed into secondary symptoms such as depression, anxiety, distress, inattentiveness and behavioral disorders. 


The Tree Group’s clinician team visited Shanghai Community International School and Concordia International School Shanghai and met counsellor teachers to discuss the grave reality the children face at schools and how to best support their psychological and behavioral problems. Many international schools refer multicultural students with such difficulties to the Tree Group and we continue communicating with schools to provide professional support.


The First Learning Experience for Children with ASD

Q: My child is suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), referred to the Tree Group and asked to join the Active Learning Program. What will be the first learning experience the child will encounter? 

Center for International Psychological ServicesㅣPhilosophy

“For the past decades, I have encountered people who experienced suffering.

Children and teenagers, women, and men, the rich and the poor, the young and the aged, blue-collared and white-collared, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims….

They taught me one very precious lesson; that is, as human beings, everyone suffers from their own limitations and that I am not an exception.

This lesson has become the foundation of the Tree Group’s psychological services,

and we believe that it is our calling to help people relieved from their pain and suffering with advanced psychological knowledge and treatment.”

Yong Cho, Ph.D.ㅣChief Psychologist, the Tree Group​

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