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Learning to observe myself through DBT

"I was able to untangle my emotions one by one".​
"I was able to untangle my emotions one by one."
DBT Client

All my emotions were interconnected and continuously disorganised. This led me to suffer from insomnia and an eating disorder. My body rested but the exhaustion continued, I felt powerless. I acknowledged that this was a serious issue, and since I was not able to resolve it alone, I seeked for support. 


With DBT, I was able to untangle my emotions one by one, and I started to observe myself. For the past four months, I was able to understand myself better, and maintain the comfrot that I feel right now.  


Thank you, the Tree Group!  

* We appreciate our clients for their honest and sincere testimonials. 

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Today, I went to work

“For the past 9 months, the DBT program helped me face things I simply endured, the part of me I

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