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The Summer Term Begins: the Season of Violet Exuberance

School of Life – The Active Learning Program is in the Summer Term since the week of June 15.
"If identical twins are found to be sufficiently more concordant than fraternal twins,
then there is a significant contribution of genetic factors."
By 전승혜 Seonghae Jeon, M.P.A.

School of Life – The Active Learning Program is in the Summer Term since the week of June 15.


Summer is a season of exuberant violet that keeps all breathing things alive.


In the coming 3 months, students in the Active Learning Program will achieve their psycho-educational goals as well as have a learning experience that is lively as the Summer season.


Among the Active Learners that started their summer break, those that are participating in the Summer Intensive Program will have the opportunity to not only be involved in learning activities that help them acquire visuospatial reasoning skills, working memory skills, and bilingualism, but also the opportunity to properly express themselves through visual arts activities.


For more information about what activities students experienced in last year’s Summer Intensive Program, please refer to the below link.


For further inquiries, contact us through email ( or call 02-557-8823. 😊


Working Memory Training Case Study

We would like to introduce a successful case of a child who has been a long-term participant of the “Working Memory Training, WMT” program offered at the Tree Group’s Active Learning Center.

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