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2020 Summer Intensive Program Ends and Fall Semester Begins!

The students made meaningful memories both in and out of the clinic during the summer.
"The students made meaningful memories both in and out of the clinic during the summer."
By 전승혜 Seonghae Jeon, M.P.A.

The Active Learning Center’s Summer Intensive Program that began on June 9th came to an end on August 8th, and starting from August 11th, 2020 Active Learning Fall Semester will begin. The students made meaningful memories both in and out of the clinic during the summer. The two highlights of Summer Intensive Program would be the interactive group classes and the Summer Retreat of Life in Retreat Soom in Aya! 🙂


Group Classes


Group classes during the Summer Intensive Program were divided into primary and secondary students.


Primary students did various hands-on activities such as, growing asparagus, feeling the wind by making pinwheels, making hand sanitizers, figuring out why polar bears are in danger of extinction, observing nature mindfully, learning about various cultures around the world, and making three-dimensional figures. They were encouraged to experience the world using their five senses.


Secondary classes were mostly focused on strengthening problem solving skills, empathy, and critical thinking abilities. After watching historical movies, they researched the historical background and wrote letters to the main characters. They also learned about environmental issues such as air pollution and created public service announcements. All of the activities included discussions and presentations. Through these classes, the students learned how to think independently and to express their thoughts creatively.

Summer Retreat of Life


As a part of the Summer Intensive Program, students, parents and guardians, and teachers visited Retreat Soom in Aya, Gangwon-do on July 7th. Retreat Soom (cafe + Airbnb) is designed for guests to enjoy mindful moments.


Exterior of Retreat Soom


Group classes were held in Retreat Soom, which has a fantastic view of the East Sea. The students were able to run around freely and experience nature firsthand. They also did yoga on the grass field and meditated to reflect on themselves.


Not only the students, but also the parents were able to have a mindful day by sitting inside the cafe and enjoying healthy drinks and freshly baked scones.


* The Tree Group recognizes the prolonged seriousness of COVID-19 and will do its best to prioritize the safety of the clients by incorporating online sessions whenever necessary.


Can Pick Out Chicken Breast from a Chicken Salad

A student who easily gave up reading if a passage seemed any bit long or difficult to read due to delayed language development came to join the School of Life-Active Learning Center’s psycho-educational program.

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